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How to Find the Right Hose Reels for Optimum Benefits Having a hose reel can offer huge benefits, but not all have invested in them. This is because not all may require them. But, this is very helpful for every household who keeps their garden. With this gardening tool, you can keep your area clean. Since there are several types of hose reels in the market, it can be very devastating if you buy the wrong one. Of course, you should not buy an air hose reel for your water hoses. But one without enough knowledge can commit this kind of mistake. The reel fittings can also vary depending on the circumference and length of your hose. You have to know which fits best for your hose so you don’t waste your money. Another thing, hose reels can also differ in the features they have. Do not think that hose reels for gardens and for sheds are just the same. The garden reels include large wheels so they are not easily stuck in gravel and mud tracks. It is ideal to buy one having automatic retracting function. You sure don’t want a manual crank when your hoses are mud stained.
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Those who have vast area should consider investing in a cart type. The entire property can’t be reached by the hose. So, a rolling cart can be a huge help. Though, cart reels come also with different options. Each of them have their own special features that can cater particular needs.
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If you decide to go for a cart type, you should check for its wheels. For flat and smooth terrains, it is ideal to buy the cart type with wheels of even sizes. However, this may not be a perfect choice for irregular ground surfaces. In this case, you may need the one having big back wheels. Always bear in mind that you can never find what’s best for you when you don’t even know what you need. You should know the specific features you need. Check whether the hose reel is needed for patio cleaning or for garden. Of course, you have to pick the reel that is right for the size of your garden. The brand might also be a very essential feature for you. Some may prefer a hose reel with anti-tip mechanism, padded handles, automatic reeling, exterior casing and tool trays. Remember that the best hose reel you can buy is the one that meets all your needs and requirements.