A Simple Plan: Gardening

How to Create a Child-Friendly Garden from a Small Space

A garden, whether big or small, means so much generally for people, for this is the place that kids especially can run or learn about plants and simply enjoy what outdoor brings. If you are residing in an area that allows you to have a big garden, then you are very fortunate, as compared to some people who are living in inner cities in an apartment with only a balcony because to have even a small space for a garden will already bring joy and pleasure. Having small children and keeping them indoors most of the time could be suffocating to a point, and so if you can make the most of an outside space, no matter how small, it would be a great relief for the children to be getting that fresh air and sunshine.

There are some limitations to create an outdoor area but it is possible to make a child-friendly garden even with just a few square feet size, because all you need is just a bit of imagination. To create a perfect small family yard, there are some basic tips to follow.

Number one thing to do is to create space by getting rid of all your clutter. Because you have limited area, make sure that every inch is accessible. This means that you have to find alternative arrangements of everything that you are storing in that area, at least the space where you plan to have the garden, and throw anything that has of no use. Realize that the more space you will make way, the more area is there for your yard for the kids and the whole family to enjoy.

Your next pointer is to bring in some sort of grass into your garden, even if it is just a tiny garden on your balcony. Remember that grass, unlike concrete or asphalt, is a safer surface and it brings freshness and life to your yard. If your space is not big enough for grass to put in, or you have a yard that does not get any sunshine, then you can consider using artificial grass. These artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, and it has the softness that is safe for children to play on, plus it requires less maintenance than the real turf, and can be installed in any area.

Another tip for your garden is to incorporate a vegetable patch no matter how small it is. This is another great idea to make the kids go outdoor, playing and helping in taking care of the garden, plus they could learn a bit of science in the procedure.

Another tip to maximize the use of your small turf is for parents to use fold-away furniture, so that after they have relaxed under the sunshine, they can just take away the chairs and thus still leave open the small space for children to play.