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PREPARE IN ADVANCE FOR HURRICANE SEASON. Hurricane season is here once again, but it is not very late to get ready and be prepared. There are certain locations in the world where hurricane occurrences are a normal thing – yet still very dangerous, compared to other parts of the state. With the changes happening in the world’s temperatures as well as the environmental factors affecting it, hurricanes have definitely grown stronger and more destructive as time went on. So, it is wise to be prepared in advance should it every hit your place. It is common knowledge that hurricanes are often combined with strong winds and rains, thus the coming up of this tempest season makes it all the more vital to know the different ways and means of planning and preparing ahead of time.
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For starters, it is good to check the car and ensure that it is in a stable condition with the gas tank full. Additionally, take note that you have enough bills and change available should such a situation arise, smaller bills would come in handy since, after such a tempest, change of bills may be difficult to find. Also, high winds and torrential rains will flood your yard or garden so do not leave anything outside unless they are really meant to be placed there. This includes the likes of pieces and things from your porch or front yard, pets, junk and other types of gears, plants and even toys.
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Fourth, as a dependable guideline, you would need to have a gallon of water for every individual in the family, available every day for use. You can either purchase water from open stores or gallons and tubs with clean water. It is also wise to stock up on enough food for such emergencies. Do remember to tie down and secure appliances and furniture inside and outside the house as these also can bring about further dangers and destruction at your place, in addition to the typhoon due to the quick and strong winds expected to happen. Finally, remain inside the home and try to stay away from any mishaps and happenings outside. Try to be to abreast with what is happening outside without necessarily venturing out in the open, just use your television or radio if possible. Take other measures to ensure that your home is safe, before during and after the tempest – have an indoor air quality testing done in advance and after. As soon as you are able and time would permit you to do so, report any floods or destruction that the last weather disturbance had left at your property so it can be repaired outright. Also, meet with the rest of the family and talk about the dangers that can be expected during and after a hurricane occurrence.