Lining The Tub

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A bathtub liner might be simple, but it can protect the tub from cracking and staining. You can install the liner on your own or hire a bathtub liner installation company to do the work for you. The liner is usually made of plastic or acrylic. It’s placed over the tub without it being removed from the floor. The liner is molded to fit the shape and the size of the tub. There are several colors available and a few different styles, giving you a way to match the liner with the decorations in the room and the design of the tub instead of using a liner that only fits one style.

Once you choose the liner that you want, it’s fairly easy to install. This is why you can easily do the work on your own as long as you know how to place the material without it breaking. Prepare the tub by spraying alcohol or other chemicals on it to get rid of any dirt or debris. This will make it easier for the liner to adhere. Leave the tub for about a day so that it can dry. Avoid using the tub during this time. Once the tub is dry, you can install the liner. If you replace the entire tub, you have to worry about removing it from the wall and the floor, getting the plumbing and flooring in order and putting the tub back in place. This can take a few days where installing a liner takes a day or two at the most.

Even if you hire someone to install the liner, it’s still less expensive than installing a new tub in the bathroom. If the correct materials are used for the number of times that you use the tub, then the liner will last for several years. You do need to use proper maintenance when cleaning so that it will keep its shine and the durability. Since liners are becoming rather popular in homes, it’s easy to find a company that will install the style and the color that you want as there is quite a bit of competition, which leads to lower prices.